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The Itinerary

Operation Market Garden

 5 - 9 October 2019

Price per person £795.00 Single supplement £145
Deposit per person £75.00

Few military campaigns have attracted as much controversy and led to as many myths and legends as that of Operation Market Garden – the airborne and ground assault into Holland in September 1944. This tour will provide you with the opportunity to separate myth from reality and learn about this famous campaign. 
The tour follows the route taken by 30 Corps as it raced to link up with the US 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions who had seized key bridges at Son and Grave. Travelling on to Nijmegen  the location of the legendary river crossing over the Waal River. Then finally to Arnhem and 1st Airborne Division and its failed attempt to seize the Rhine bridge in the town. Fierce German opposition then forced the Division to form a shrinking perimeter at Oosterbeek which lead to their subsequent withdraw over the Rhine.


5 October:
Depart London St Pancras for Brussels via Eurostar and train to arrive in the Eindhoven.
Overnight Eindhoven.

6 October:
We start at Joe's Bridge & follow the initial advance of Guards Armoured Division moving on to Son, their failure to capture this important bridge intact on September 17th imposed a significant delay on the ability of 30th Corps to advance. Our next stop is Grave Bridge here we will discuss the capture of this vital crossing over the Maas River
Overnight Nijmegen .

7 October:
We will spend the morning in and around Nijmegen to stud the Battle of Nijmegen in detail including the actions in Valkhof and Hunner Parks, the crossing of the Waal road bridge by the Grenadier Guards and the famous small boat assault by elements of the 82nd Airborne Division.
We then depart for Arnhem, on the way pointing out some of the actions fought by 43rd Infantry Division and Guards Armoured Division on the "Island" near Elst.
We travel west of Arnhem to see the Drop Zone and Landing Zones at Wolfheze and initial Glider landing of 1st Air Landing Brigade and 1st Parachute Brigade. We then visit DZ Y at Ginkel to see the DZ of the 4th Parachute Brigade on the 18th September.
Overnight Arnhem.

8 October:
We visit the Airborne Museum at Hartenstein this served both as a German officers mess prior to the battle and then the 1st Airborne Divisional Headquarters for the greater part of the battle.
During our stop at the Hartenstein Museum we will discuss the initial German reaction to the landings west of Arnhem and the difficulties encountered by the 3 battalions of the 1st Parachute Brigade as they attempted to all get through to the road and rail bridges. Our next stop is the road bridge at Arnhem now known as the John Frost Bridge where we will hear the story of the gallant action by 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment,
We will finish our tour for the day at Westerbouwing. This the only commanding high ground on the battlefield and from this vantage point we will learn something of the defence of this key feature by the Border Regiment and then the tragic attempts by 1st Polish Parachute Brigade and 4th Battalion the Dorset shire Regiment to cross the river and reinforce the bridgehead.
Overnight Arnhem.
9 October:
Depart Hotel and drive to the Arnhem Oosterbeek Commonwealth War Cemetery where most of the British dead are buried. We will then commence our return journey to Brussels.

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